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About LeasingQuote.co.uk

LeasingQuote.co.uk is run by Crearive Filter and High Heel Creative in Belper, Derbyshire.

Our aim is to help consumers and businesses get the best value out of a wide range of products and services, this includes car leasing, mortgages and mobile phones.

Our websites and systems are designed to make life easier for you, you go to one place for your car lease and our hand picked leasing brokers look across the whole of the market place to get you the best car lease deal.

And without the spam…

Who do we work with?

LeasingQuote.co.uk works alongside a small team of “handpicked” car leasing brokers. All of which have been vetted by us to ensure the best customer service, the widest range of car leasing funders and to meet our no spamming policies.

There aim is not to clutter your inbox or missed calls list with their emails and messages, but to provide you with the best possible quotation, so you don’t have to call 2-3 differenct car leasing brokers to get the best prices.

Why would you use a Leasing Broker?

For the same reason you would use a Mortgage Broker. Our car leasing brokers have access to a large range of leasing funders and can tap into manufacturer deals that might not be advertised or accessible via the usual means.

The car leasing broker gets paid by the dealer/funder for utilising them, so its in their best interest to find you the best deal.

What does Creative Filter get out of it?

We like to be transparent about what we do and what we receive for passing your enquiry to the brokers.

We don’t take any money from yourselves, but may receive a small referral fee should you go ahead with a vehicle.

This money covers the running costs of our website and advertising.

What vehicles can I get?

By working with our leasing brokers, you’ve got access to a wide range of car manufacturers, van manufacturers and car dealers.

So we can supply Audi right through to Zonda if required.

All the vehicles are UK supplied and can be specified on custom terms to work around you or your business.

Quotes can be provided on Business Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase or Short-Term Car Lease.

What are my rights?

Your rights are identical to those if you were dealing with a car leasing broker or a car dealership.

All of our car leasing brokers require up to date FCA permissions, Data Protection Policies and agree to our terms and conditions.

You can therefore be assured that they MUST do their fact finding correctly before they supply you with any vehicles.

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