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Why Lease a Car?


Top 5 Leasing Benefits

  • It's Cost EffectiveMonthly repayments will be on average between 35% and 55% less costly than the repayments on a car loan. Also, you can choose a smaller or larger deposit which simply increases or decreases your monthly rental.
  • Like To Drive a New Car?One of the biggest attractions of car leasing is that you are able to drive away in a car that might be out of your price range in terms of purchase price.
  • No Hassle - You're CoveredThe car manufacturer warranty will normally cover the period of the lease, all maintenance, tyres and servicing costs can be covered as well as a breakdown and recovery service. Oh and Road tax is included too!
  • FlexibleFlexible terms to meet your financial requirements, with variable contract durations, initial outlays and mileage allowances.
  • Fixed Cost Motoring - No SuprisesFixed rentals for the whole package, making budget planning easier. No hidden costs or surprise garage bills mean you can drive with total peace of mind.
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How Leasing Works

Business Leasing Explained
Personal Leasing Explained

LeasingQuote has an extensive network of leasing providers who are able to provide you with the best possible Car Leasing price and service to match your needs. Our providers can obtain significant discounts over main dealerships on the following types of finance:

Business Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire
Contract Purchase
Hire Purchase
Personal Contract Purchase
Finance Lease

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  • 5. Complete the paperwork
    Once agreed, complete the order forms to secure your new car
  • 6. Delivery of your new car
    Choose a convenient delivery date to take delivery of your car
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